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Special Needs

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The US Health Resources and Services Administration estimates that 1 in 5 children have a special health need and that number only grows as people get older and acquire more disabilities. Note: Unless a CASA is an Educational Rights Holder, s/he cannot request an IEP/developmental screening directly, but must work with the Ed Rights holder to do so.

As a society, there are some disabilities that everyone, regardless of ability, works-around and accepts – needing glasses is an easy example.

But there are other kinds of special needs which are not as commonly understood or supported, like the sound-and-touch sensitivity many people on the autism spectrum experience, the chronic pain the children with cystic fibrosis or multiple-sclerosis endure, or the confusion and concentration issues students with ADHD experience.

Foster youth are up to 3x more likely than their peers to experience developmental challenges such as physical disability, difficulty remembering, or difficulty with personal care.

The resources to the right will help give you context to understand what your advocate child may be going through, how it can intersect and be impacted by trauma, and how you can support your advocate child or youth as they journey through the world.

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