Child Advocates of Silicon Valley

How Do Cases End?

Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) stay with their advocate children until that child has a safe, stable home. Some Court Appointed Special Advocates build relationships with caregivers and advocate children that last years after their case has formally closed.

But others lose touch, just like for other relationships. Saying goodbye is always hard, but it can be a good chance to model healthy, honest communication at an age-appropriate level for an advocate child.

"The satisfaction is way more than I could ever have imagined it would be. It just so rewarding and that is why I continue to be a CASA. That is why till this day, Mayra will text me or call me, whenever she just needs to talk. She may need to get advice or just want to tell me how her day went, good or bad. I will always be there for her, for as long as I can. I am inspired to see how far Mayra has come with all that she has been through.

Mayra and the other youth I advocate for, inspire me to do what I do. With the right people guiding these kids, they can do anything. We are the voice for the children who may not otherwise have someone to speak up for them." -- Denise, CASA to Myra (Read Denise's piece, "Why I am a CASA")

Many of our amazing volunteer CASAs take second, third, or fourth cases after they finish their first case. The process for picking the next child is much the same as the one we laid out here: our volunteers work with their supervisors, hone in on who they want to help, and choose a child they can connect with.