Child Advocates of Silicon Valley

Continuing Education

We provide a wide range of trainings, workshops, books and movies for our CASA volunteers to help them complete their required 1 hour of training for each month of service (read the Continuing Education Policy here (pdf)). For example, a CASA could achieve their 12 hours of continued education by attending a 3 hour training session, watching three 2-hour movies, and reading a 300 page book. These can be done over the course of twelve months. You can also look for suggestions for continuing education in our weekly CASA News email.

*Continuing education hours are different than case hours. Example of case hours include: time that you spent with your advocate child(ren), email, texts, phone conversations, driving to and from appointments, school meetings, and any additional support you've offered to the case over-all.

Upcoming Child Advocates’ Workshops

CASA Court Report Writing Workshop (Live & Zoom)
Thursday, January 10th, 12:00p p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Do you have a hearing that is coming up and would like additional support to draft the court report? Come join us! Open to all CASAs. This session will be led by Mentors, Ann Whyte and Jane Hiatt, and CASA Specialist, Kieu Tu. If you are interested in attending, please email to

Gangs 101 (Workshop & Webinar*)
Wednesday, January 23rd, 12;00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Interested in learning about gangs? Are you working with a youth that might be at-risk or affiliated with a gang? Join us as Deputy District Attorney, Josue Fuentes, discusses the realities of being in a gang, common indicators, engagement techniques, and intervention efforts. Learn of the gang hot spots in Santa Clara County, what you can do to help youth in gangs, and what resources are available. DDA Josue Fuentes focuses on crime prevention and works with at-risk and gang-impacted youth.  He is also part of the San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, the leading agency in gang prevention and intervention services. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email
*Please note that this workshop will not be recorded. 

Upcoming Community Trainings

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Let's Talk About Teens & NMDs Discussion Group (also by Zoom)
Friday, January 18th, noon-1:00pm
If you are a CASA interested in attending, please email for more information.

Milpitas Discussion Group
Monday, February 4th, noon-2:00pm
If you are a CASA interested in attending, please email for more information.

Past Child Advocates' Workshops

Helping Children and Families Affected by Domestic Violence, 12/4/18

Katie A. Overview, 11/29/18

How Public Health Nurses at DFCS Help Our Kids, 10/30/18

Education Advocacy Series, October 2018 
Webinar Recordings coming soon

Symantec Cyber Security Webinar: FAST - Fostering A Secure Tomorrow, 9/3/18
Webinar Recording

Connecting with Youth Using a Trauma-Informed Lens, 8/21/18
Webinar Recording 

Can they do that? The Ins & Outs of Regulating Children's Placements, 7/25/18
Webinar Recording

Understanding and Communicating with 0 to 5 Year Olds, 5/9/18
Webinar Recording

CASA Best Practices, 3/22/18
Webinar Recording

Other Online Resources

All Children - All Families: Online Learning Offerings
Alliance for Children's Rights
California CASA Continuing Education
California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (CEBC)
Child Abuse Prevention Council of Santa Clara County
Childhood Trauma-Changing Minds
Children's Health Council - Community Connections
Mandated Reporter Training
UC Davis Extension Center for Human Services
The Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative 

Self-Directed Learning

Note: Please approach the works below with a critical eye -- we're not endorsing the views, theories, or approaches outlined in the hundreds of media options below. Rather, we are hoping you will review and evaluate them, taking the good and leaving behind what might be outdated, short-sighted, or inaccurate. 

CASAs receive 1 hour of credit for every 100 pages of a recommended book ( limit of up-to 3 hours) and hour-for-hour credit for movies/TV shows. Here are nearly 300 more options (pdf) if none of the ones below connect with you. Remember to list it on your Monthly Report to tell your supervisor when you've finished!

Self Directed Learning: Books and Movies

Books and Movies as resources